Kaat, Koort Swim n Survive

Koya Kaat Koort Swim n Survive

KOYA Aboriginal Corporation partnered with Royal Life Saving Society WA (RLSSWA) to deliver cultural secure water safety awareness and swimming in order to empower individuals to be safe around water and to increase fitness and awareness of positive lifestyle choices.

Kaat, Koort n Hoops (KKnH)

Kaat, Koort n Hoops (Head, Heart and Hoops) is a sports and wellbeing program for children and young people.

Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP)

Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP) operate various activities that include engagement and meetings with key stakeholders, visits to school, delivering workshops, community gatherings targeted at students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Maambart Maam for Maali Moort

The Maambart Maam For Maali Moort Wellbeing Project aims to better understand and improve the perinatal mental health of Aboriginal people, particularly fathers. 

Cultural Security Project

This project is a priority for Aboriginal people because at the core of access to health services is how well a service can develop, monitor and sustain culturally appropriate and secure services for its clients.

Assessment of Governance and Community Engagement in Identified Communities in the Northern Territory

This contract involved an assessment of the development, facilitation and evaluation of local Community Awareness Program Workshops in identified Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory as part of the FaHCSIA funded project, Assessment of Governance and Community Engagement.

Indicators of Success and Wellbeing of Accomplished Urban Indigenous West Australians Project

The principal purpose of the project is to discover the meaning of success, resilience and wellbeing from the perspective of ‘accomplished’ urban Indigenous West Australians.

Sistas Talking Business Workshops

Koya Aboriginal Corporation hosted a one day workshop for deadly Sistas who aspire to be business owners or who are already in business.

Moorditj Koorlong: Swan Indigenous Youth Social Inclusion Project

The aim of the Swan Indigenous Youth Social Inclusion Project is to deliver reliable, valid and credible preliminary baseline (emic- from an Indigenous point of view) data about what contributes to the social inclusion, community engagement, employment, training and career development of Indigenous young people in the ages 15-24 in Midland and surrounding suburbs.

Pindi Pindi Festival Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture

The Pindi Pindi Festival was deemed an outstanding success by the funding bodies involved with a wide range of activities for children and families in the Festival grounds.