Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP)

Kinship Empowerment Program (KEP) operate various activities that include engagement and meetings with key stakeholders, visits to school, delivering workshops, community gatherings targeted at students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

Guthoo: We are One, Kalgoorlie Youth Project

The untimely death of an Aboriginal young person in 2016 highlighted community concern for stronger engagement with youth, demonstrated by the high rate of youth antisocial behaviour occurring in the community.

ABC News – Elijah Doughty: Guthoo youth report says…

Elijah Doughty: Guthoo youth report says Kalgoorlie Aboriginal teens stressed, bored and scared of police…

Racism against Aboriginal children in Kalgoorlie is leading to anger, unemployment and crime in later years, the Guthoo youth report has observed.